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Consult a Bankruptcy Attorney Before filing and Dealing a Bankruptcy

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If you found yourself swimming in debt already, the next option that you should be looking at now is filing for bankruptcy. It is the last resort that you can take when you reach the endless road of being buried to your debts. It can be a stressful process so you really need all the help you can get. Getting the help of can save you from all the trouble the case can cause you. He can simply be your representation during court hearings and negotiations with some of your creditors. He would also help you in deciding which step you should take to be able to make your case much easier to handle. You might think that you can not afford a lawyer in your current situation but that is totally a mistake. Bankruptcy lawyers know your situation so they give lenient payment conditions that would be easy for you to manage. You should not be scared of getting professional help, because not getting any can prolong your case and then cost you even more.

Bankruptcy Attorney

Filing bankruptcy is not an easy decision to make especially if you are not well-aware of the possible consequences of such legal action. In order for you to understand the process of filing a bankruptcy, you should hire a reputable who is well-knowledgeable about the different curves and turns of bankruptcy. They will be able to inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of filing bankruptcy. They will be able to assess your financial trouble and tell you if filing a bankruptcy is indeed the right solution for you to make. They will also be able to discuss with you the whole process that you have to undergo to when you file a bankruptcy. A good bankruptcy attorney will be able to make his client clearly understand the purpose of filing a bankruptcy and what thing he or she needs to be ready for. He will be able to make a good financial plan for your money troubles.

Bankruptcy Attorney

A lawyer is primarily responsible for the case of her clients. Legal representation is a right of every citizen, regardless of the merits of the case, a lawyer should be present to defend a cause. When it comes to the issue of bankruptcy, a credible assistance from gives the party an edge in the proceedings. Just like most cases having expert lawyers in the field of bankruptcy will greatly benefit their clients. A thorough and complete paperwork is crucial so that the bankruptcy court can determine the best course of action for your case.

Bankruptcy Attorney

The key to building a strong case is by giving your lawyers all the information that is related to the case, filing for bankruptcy protection is the first step towards your financial recovery. The main goal of filing for bankruptcy should be to give you immediate relief from creditors so that you can carefully plan your finances.

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Enrich Your Word Power

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THE word or phrase you believe is nearest in meaning to the key word. Answers are on the next page.

(1) hallow (hal’ oh) — A: to call out. B: honour. C: make holy. D: plough.

(2) stoical (stoh I kal) — A: brave. B: savage. C: stubborn. D: imperturbable.

(3) litigious (li tij’ us)—A: contentious. B: fact-finding. C: querulous. D: mediatory.

(4) denizen (den’ izen) — A: inhabitant. B: abode. C: reptile. D: removal.

(5) accolade (ak’ oh lade)—A: award.

B: gratitude. C: applause. D: reverence.

(6) rudiment (roo’ di mcnt)—A: rule.

B: basic principle. C: detail. D: vestige.

(7) talisman—A: juror. B: native guide.

C: headgear. D: charm.

(8) innocuous (1 nok’ ew us)—A: inno­cent. B: helpful. C: without definite characteristics. D: harmless,

(9) comprise (kom prize)—A: to consist of. B: agree. C: sum up. D: collect.

(10) denude—A: to untangle. B. lay bare.

C: cover. D: plant.


(11) tribulation (trib ew lay’ shun)—A: uneasiness. B: discomfort. C: praise.

D: great distress.

(12) provisional—A: substitute. B: temp­orary. C: lacking authority, D: limited.

(13) contumely (kon’ tume li)—A: com­plication. B: shapeliness. C: scornful rudeness. D: anger.

(14) metamorphosis (met a mor’ fo siss)— A : disintegration. B: transformation.

C: enfeeblement. D: hypnotic sleep.

(15) sylvan (sil’ van)—A: pertaining to woods. B: graceful. C: elfin. D: mythical.

(16) circumspect (sir’ kum spekt)—A: suspicious. B: indirect. C: cautious.

D: perceptive.

(17) nullify—A: to eliminate. B: make numb. C: inform. D: deprive of effect.

(18) predisposition (pree dis poh zish’ un) —A: attraction. B: preparation. C: tend­ency. D: viewpoint.

(19) pejorative (pe jor’ a tiv)—A: incrimi­nating. B: unhealthy. C: cleansing. D: making worse.

(20) saga (sah’ ga)—A : heroic tale. B: medieval love song. C: vivid description.

D: word of advice.




hallow—C: To make hOly by deed or association; consecrate; as, a plholyhallowed by martyrs’ blood. Old English halgian (to make holy).

stoical—D: Imperturbable; unaffected by passion or feeling; indifferent to pain. Greek rtriikos, from Stoa, the Painted Portico at AthenstoikosZeno, founder of the philosophical system of Stoicism, taught.

litigious—A: Contentious ; disputa­tious; inclined to engage in lawsuits; as, litigious counsel. Latin litigare (to go to law).

denizen—A: Inhabitant; occupant; one who lives in a place; as, denizens of the sea. Latin deintus, from de- (from) and intus (within).

accolade—A: Award; honour; the touch of the sword in bestowing knight­hood. French accoler (to embrace).

rudiment—B: Basic principle; funda­mental skill ; beginning; as, the rudiments of a game. Latin rudimentum, from rudis (rough, raw).

talisman D: Charm; fetish; some­thing supposed to have the power to pro­tect or bring good luck. Greek telesma (consecration).

innocuous—D: Harmless ; not likely to produce ill effects; inoffensive; as, an innocuous remark. Latin innoculls.

comprise—A: To consist of; contain; ininnocuushe programme comprised three concertos.” French compris (under­stood, included).

denude—B: To lay bare; strip the covering from; as, to denude trees of foliage. Latin denudare.

tribulation—D: Great distress; long and severe trial or sorrow. Latin tribu­latio, from tribulare (to oppress).

provisional—B: Provided for a tem­porary need; conditional ; as, a provisional government. Latin provisie, from pro­videre (to see ahead).

contumely—C: Scornful rudeness ; haughty contempt; insult. Latin con-lamella (reproach).


metamorphosis—B: Transformation; as, the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Greek metamorphosis (trans­formation).

sylvan—A: Pertaining to woods or forests ; abounding in trees ; rustic; as, a sylvan setting. Latin silva (wood).

circumspect—C: Cautious; discreet; as, to be circumspect in one’s behaviour. Latin circumspectus, from circumspicere (to look round).

nullify—D: To deprive of effect; make null or void; as, to nullify an agree­ment. Latin null:. ficare.

predisposition—C: Tendency; incli­nation; natural bent; as, a predisposition to obesity. Latin pre- (before) and dis­ponere (to arrange).

pejorative—D: Tending to make or become worse ; disparaging; detrimental; as, a pejorative statement. Latin pejorare (to make worse).

saga—A: Heroic tale; epic ; long story, often poetic; as, a saga of the Vikings. Old Norse saga (tale).

Vocabulary Ratings

20-19 correct       excellent

18-16 correct       good

15-14 correct       fair


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Cosmetics to Remind You That Summer’s Near

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yeast is yeast

Add a burst of colour to your bathroom with Shu Uemura’s ß-G Emulsion, £45. The full-on neon packaging houses a great gel-cum-serum that’s loaded with ß-glucan, a yeast extract known to boost immunity. This is the first time it’s been used in skincare, and it promises to strengthen skin, work on its resilience and tackle signs of ageing.

shu Uemura's ß-G Emulsion

of kors

Destined to become this summer’s make-up bag staple, Michael Kors’ ingenious solid perfume, £45, shimmers and sparkles in its sleek compact. It’s all you’ll need to adorn your neck, shoulders and décolleté.

straight talkin’

If you want to rebel against this season’s passion for curls, invest in Denman’s Thermo-Straightening Brush, £8. The two aluminium plates heat up with the force of your hairdryer to guarantee poker-straight locks.

Michael Kors' ingenious solid perfume

gloss over

I defy anyone not to dive straight into Molton Brown’s Skin Gloss compacts, with their mirror-like pools of sheer colour. With three shades in the range— First Rush is a must—the formulation is designed to enhance and illuminate skin and can be used virtual) anywhere on the body. £19 each.

glory be

Cacharel is shedding its “teen girl’s first scent” image with Gloria— a chia seeds benefits fragrance that is more rock chick than first kiss. There are four products in the line, from eau de toilette to bath and body oil. Each boasts a different overall scent, but all have notes of hibiscus and vanilla. From £16.

summer lovin’

Deliciously pretty summer cosmetics are guaranteed to bring out your girlie, flirty side. Enter Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Crystal Nail Lacquers. £10 each a sugary mix of pinks and corals, each one infused with a delicate golden shimmer. Need I say more?

timeless appeal

L’Occitae’s Immortelle range is named after its key ingredient— a plant with incredible anti-ageing properties. The Precious Cream, £29, is a real find.

 Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Crystal

rosy glow

The flush of love or the effect of an afternoon in the fresh air — whatever the cause, this season’s blushing cheeks suggest a naivety and girliness. Achieved by generously applying one of the latest high-tech products — be it a gel, powder, grease or cream — with your fingers, this wildly attractive look will take you back to the innocence of your youth.

molton lover

Molton Brown could claim to be the first designer brand of make-up and haircare products. Launched 25 years ago, its pioneering shampoos and conditioners were blended by hand and infused with herbs at a time when over-processing and psychedelic colour were the norm. Its make-up palette offered subtle shades of brown, beige and nude for lips and eyes. Started as a back-room operation by Caroline Collis of Browns, Molton Brown is now a multimillion pound business —with an updated look. Some of the products are still made by hand under the guidance of Dale Daxon Bowers, the company’s technical director. Still innovative and holistic in its philosophy, the range is constantly evolving and now uses Chinese ingredients newly available to the Western cosmetics market. Daxon Bowers, a chemistry graduate, became interested in Chinese ingredients after she watched the beneficial effects of cranial osteopathy on her dyslexic son. “I realised that energy channels are where it’s at now,” she says. “The Chinese have always believed that balancing one’s energy is the route to health and wellbeing, and they have always used herbs for healing and regenerating.” The first and most obvious ingredient she has used in Molton Brown products is ginseng— a well-known energiser. Now she has introduced Bai Ji, a herb known to reduce bleeding, making it great for shaving and skin products like the UltraLight Hydrator for Men.

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