Selecting Designer Shower Curtains

If you’re tired of the same old thing in your bathroom decor, why not consider designer shower curtains? There are many great options to select from and you’re sure to change the look of that boring old bathroom.

Modern shower curtains can help you to revamp your old boring bathroom. You can choose colors that blend in or stand out and boldly make a statement in your bath.

Match your towels and the walls or go with something entirely different. Whether you need to blend in or make a bold statement, you’ll want to select something that won’t clash with the rest of your bathroom decor.

Soft subtle colors are great for blending in as are neutral palates. Focus on not only the curtain but also the rod and the rings as well.

There are a variety of rods and rings that can make your bathroom stand out and make its very own personal statement. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll want some ideas to get you started.

Go with a theme. Many people choose an undersea theme for example. Mermaids, shellfish, seascapes, fish etc. are all great ideas to get you started.

Children’s bathrooms offer up a unique opportunity for a variety of options as well. Choose their favorite cartoon, television program or color and work it into the theme for the bathroom.

Designer options are readily available both on and offline so you’ll have plenty of accessories to choose from. Mix and match for a unique one of a kind look and you’re sure to have everyone’s attention.

It’s easy to mix old with new and tradition with just about any theme. Consider patterns or delicate prints or ruffles and stripes to draw the eye in and change the overall look of a boring bathroom.

In most bathrooms, the shower curtain takes the center stage and the rest of the accessories tend to be accents. Focus on what you want the room to look like and then hone in on all of your accessories to create your own one of a kind and unique look.

Consider other options like hanging the shower curtain slightly higher or lower to give the appearance of a different sized room. Focus on making everything yourself or buying it one piece at a time and work on it often.

When considering accessories, don’t forget the towel racks, soap dish, tissue dispensers and the like. Changing things out to mix and match will all lend themselves well to changing the overall look of that boring bathroom.

Even a few splashes of paint with your newly designed curtain will go far in helping you to give the room a lift.

Focus on little details and the huge detail of the shower curtain and you’re sure to come out with a look that you like. Large or small, just remember that you’ll also want to have a new liner to go with your designer shower curtains. This will help to reduce mold build up.

The Best Shower Curtains Ikea Carry

If you’re on the hunt for shower curtains, Ikea has a lot of great options for you. If you’re gearing up for a trip there, you’re sure to be spending a bit on all kinds of other items anyway, so you may as well consider grabbing something for your shower while you’re there. Fortunately, a lot of the best shower curtains Ikea have in stock are pretty affordable overall. In the paragraphs below, 5 of their top choices will be detailed to help you decide on which you should go with.

1 – Saltgrund

The Saltgrund is a 71 by 71 inch shower curtain with two sided woven polyester. You can machine wash them and even iron them if you want. The latter is recommended for making sure the water repelling functionality remains effective. This model will do the trick as far as keeping all of the water out of the floor and flowing down the drain where it belongs. The pattern is a very subtle blue vertical stripe against white that will match a majority of your basic bathrooms out there. The retail price is only $14.99.

2 – Eggegrund

The eggegrund model comes in at a very affordable $4.99. Despite the price, you can still chalk this up as one of the best shower curtains Ikea have to offer. Like the above, the size here is 71 by 71 inches, perfectly suitable for the average shower and tub combo. This model is made of PEVA, a completely chlorine based material that will resist the likes of mold and mildew quite effectively. This is a great choice for the minimalists out there since it comes in a nice soft white.

3 – Bolman

The Bolman is a $15 71 by 71 inch curtain with a stylish pattern of multi colored vertical stripes. The combination of blueish green, white, grey, and off white seems all too perfect for a typical bathroom aesthetic. It matches the ideal of shower time to a T. This is another machine washable option, and you will need separate rings to hold it up to your shower rod.


Again in Ikea’s standard 71 by 71 inch size, TVINGEN is a cute shower curtain that actually features the silhouette of a shower head on the front. Despite the designer appeal, this model only costs $6.99. Comprised of a very dense polyester complete with water resistant coating, this is a shower curtain that does its job wonderfully while looking great at the same time.

5 – BadBack

Finally, if you want to really add a bit of visual flair to your bathroom, the BadBack is the way to go. This would be perfect in a college dorm, children’s bathroom, or for anyone that just loves fun thanks to the colorful pattern full of unique characters and amusing depictions of bathroom staples like rubber ducks and blow dryers. Best of all, the retail price is only $7.99. This was made with recycled material as well, making it a fine choice for the environmentally conscious.

Shopping For Shower Curtains

Is your bathroom in need of some TLC? Or maybe you are moving into a new home and you want to add your own personal touch to the space. No matter what your reason is for wanting to create a bathroom that is warm and inviting or fun and funky, finding the perfect shower curtain is the first step to take. This beautiful piece of finished fabric can create the space you desire and make the statement you are trying to express. Read on to learn more about shopping for shower curtains and how to make your efforts productive.

First of all, decide what you want while shopping for shower curtains. For instance, do you have a theme in mind for your bathroom? Or, do you have a color or pattern that you are interested in? Do you want to purchase a set that contains a shower curtain and other bathroom items or do you prefer to put together your bathroom on your own? By having at least some sort of idea as to what you are looking for, it can make your search for the perfect option more successful.

Next, decide where you want to shop for your new shower curtain. Do you want to shop online or shop at stores that are near your home? If shopping online is your choice, you are likely to find more variety and possibly lower prices, but you won’t be able to touch and feel the shower curtains like you would if you shopped at stores in your area.

Once you have decided what you are looking for and where you want to shop, you can begin your adventure. If you shop in stores near you, there are many different options. You can look at various department stores for the perfect shower curtain for your bathroom. If shopping online, simply visit your favorite search engine and type in a term that you think will get you something similar to what you are looking for.

As you shop, make sure that you look for a few things before making your final selection. You will want to consider how the shower curtain attaches to the rod you plan to use. Do you want it to hang with hooks or do you prefer for it to slide through the rod? Is your shower a common size and do you want a curtain that perfectly fits it or one that is under or oversized? Should the curtain be washable? What material do you want in the room? There are many things to consider besides the color or pattern of a new shower curtain.

As you can see, you can find the perfect shower curtain by following a few helpful steps. Start by having some idea as to what you want in the bathroom. Then, start your shopping adventure and pay special attention the specific features of the shower curtains that you find. By using these tips, you can find the best option in no time at all.